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Donna Bella Hair Extensions

Donna Bella’s Kera-Link extensions are installed by fusing the keratin tipped extension to the woman’s own, natural hair. The fused extensions look and feel natural and are the perfect solution for a long-lasting, long-hair look. When correctly taken care of, these extensions will last 3-6 months.

Donna Bella's I-Link installation process causes no damage to the hair and requires no heat, glues, or chemicals. These extensions come pre-tipped for easy application and removal. After use, these extensions are gently removed by opening the clamped bead and releasing the hair. These too should last 3-6 months depending on natural hair growth.

Donna Bella's Tape-In hair extension method is a revolutionary system without the use of beads, clips, or glues. This method is easily removed using Donna Bella's acetone-free bond remover. These Tape-In extensions last up to 2-4months with maintenance.